264. Accelerating American Space Settlements

[Editor’s Note: Mad Scientist Laboratory welcomes returning guest blogger Dr. Lydia Kostopoulos with today’s post calling for discussions between America’s two leading space-faring companies, SpaceX … Read the rest

263. On Thin Ice…

[Editor’s Note:  The U.S. Department of Defense’s strategic objectives for the Arctic are to ensure that it remains a secure and stable region in which … Read the rest

261. How Big of a Deal are Drone Swarms?

[Editor’s Note: The U.S. Army’s capstone unclassified document on the Operational Environment (OE) states that by mid-century:

Unmanned systems, including advanced battlefield robotic systems Read the rest

260. How does the Army – as part of the Joint force – Build and Employ Teams to Compete, Penetrate, Disintegrate, and Exploit our Adversaries in the Future?

[Editor’s Note: In today’s post, the Mad Scientist Laboratory explores the future of teaming in an increasingly hyper-kinetic operational environment.  How will Army teams form, … Read the rest