4 Replies to “112. A Strategy for Everything: Quantum Artificial Intelligence, Quantum Multiverse, and Feedback Loop of Finite Information”

  1. I think this post either outright confuses or at least obfuscates the relevant elements of quantum mechanics. Greater clarity is needed to avoid confusion in the reader – for instance, Everettian QM does not say that literally any logically possible world exists. It posits that what occurs in measurement is entanglement rather than wavefunction collapse, and as such what we experience of the world is one of potentially many super imposed states.

    However it’s not true that -any- state is superimposed. Only the currently entangled ones. How this works into the future is unclear to me, if indeed it happens.

    Everettian QM is also one possible interpretation, some might say the most ridiculous one.

  2. This post is called a “Strategy of Everything”, so it does conflate aspects of various theories. It combines the “Many Worlds Interpretation” with the “cosmological multiverse theory” and elements of the “Many Interacting Worlds” theory. The key takeaway in these areas is quantum phenomena is macroscopically real and manifests as a quantum multiverse described by Everett and Deutsch in their interpretations. This post describes one wave function for the entire multiverse, where systems become entangled with the environment and branch or happen all the time. Scaled up, other “worlds” may exist. Everett took his theory seriously to account for the observable world and other versions of the world. It is still underdeveloped but has testable aspects. BTW, I don’t pretend to be an expert or theorist on any of this. I just like the various theories and interpretations of them. Decided to give it a try.

    1. I suppose my criticism is perhaps a bit unfair if your aim was to unify a range of different theories, interpretations, and conjectures, in order to produce a possible scenario for how the science and technology could develop. But as a warning to someone else with limited background in quantum mechanics, I’d advise you not start here, because the boundaries between the three are not clear.

      1. I appreciate your comments and feedback. I do agree that fundamental aspects of QM like granularity, relationality, and indeterminacy (or unpredictability) need to be explained better. Key information theory points also need to be unpacked more. The point of the blog was combining QM, AI and RAS into one ecosystem and uniting multiverse and many-worlds theories where the ecosystems exist. There are “boundaries” in all of this, but efforts like LQG seek to unite QM and general relativity into a theory of everything. I don’t really believe in the boundaries we typically accept. Once again, thank you.

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