237. Table of Future Technologies: A 360 Degree View Based on Anticipated Availability

[Editor’s Note:  Mad Scientist Laboratory is pleased to feature the work of Richard Buchter, Army Futures Command Combat Capability Development Command Army Research Laboratory Computational and Information Sciences Directorate (AFC CCDC ARL/CISD). After spending considerable time and effort researching potentially game changing technologies that could support Army Modernization Priorities (AMP), Mr. Buchter has created an innovative Table of Future Technologies that uses the familiar Periodic Table from Chemistry as a construct to both highlight his team’s research and provide us with a useful single portal with which to explore emergent tech across three time horizons plus an additional category of “wild cards.” Read on to learn how the table was constructed, how to use and decipher the information it contains, and highlights from each of the time horizons and wild cards — Enjoy!]


The Army Research Laboratory (ARL) was recently chartered by the Army Futures Command (AFC) to apprise it of potential future technologies that may inform Army leadership to help shape future decisions. To support this, along with other AFC taskings, ARL stood up Task Force (TF) Ignite. Under TF Ignite is the Technology Transition Team (T3) work group from which this concept originated.

This post and the associated table provides one means of easily viewing emerging technologies and accessing references for further information about new technologies of potential interest.


The Table of Future Technologies [accessible via this link to our Mad Scientist APAN site] is but one of several approaches for assimilating and displaying the myriad of technologies under consideration that have the potential to affect the operational environment. The table captures technologies based on their potential to affect one or more of the Army Modernization Priorities (AMPs). Please note that the technologies included in this table do not reflect endorsement, active pursuit, or interest by the U.S. Army and its subordinates, nor any coordination with AFC, Army Program Managers (PMs), or the Department of Defense (DoD) and its subordinates, for focus areas of interest. The resulting table is therefore a general collection of technologies in development outside the DoD that are presented to increase awareness of what may be.



An all available source review was conducted of over 600 books, magazines, web news articles, press releases, future predictions, and conferences. However, the table does not include current DoD programs or investment considerations, which are viewed as currently known to PMs. Specific technologies selected were subjectively chosen, based on their potential for affecting the AMPs: Long Range Precision Fires (LRPF); Next Generation Combat Vehicle (NGCV); Future Vertical Lift (FVL); Networks/C3I (C3I); Air & Missile Defense (AMD); and Soldier Lethality (SL).

Wherever possible, reporting found within these articles was used to determine the initial year of availability (included in the table). When specific dates were not explicitly provided, availability was interpolated from references within the article. When those were unavailable, and the technology was being demonstrated in a laboratory setting today, the potential availability was shown as 10 years in the future. Lastly, several technologies featured in science fiction were also included to report progress towards enabling those capabilities.

Table Layout

An 11-by-8 grid table was constructed and divided into four sections according to projected availability. It is noted that the first three sections used loosely correspond to McKinsey’s Three Horizons Model for Innovation. For this table, the three horizons and their associated time frames are as follows: Horizon 1 (H1), happening now, near-term future (0–5 years); Horizon 2 (H2), mid-term future (5–10 years); and Horizon 3 (H3), far-term future (10+ years). These Horizons have also been known as:

      • H1: Sustaining Technology, Continuous Improvement, The Art of Today
      • H2: Emerging Technology, Adjacent Innovation, Critical Challenges, The Art of Tomorrow
      • H3: Technology of the Future, Basic and Applied Research, Breakthroughs, The Art of the Possible, Long Term Bets, New Capabilities, Options, and Future Seed Corn

The table also features a fourth category: Wildcards (i.e., technology worth watching).

Illustration 1: Legend for Table of Potential Future Technologies

The grid was then populated with technologies identified in the 360 review, based on their anticipated availability. Each technology was then annotated as shown in Illustration 1. Each was assigned a two-letter code (abbreviation of technology, e.g., QC) corresponding to short description of the technology (e.g., Quantum Computing), a reference number (e.g., technology “element” 2, and the number of associated references found (e.g., 3). Finally, where indications exist (i.e., reporting of today’s baseline capability versus the improvement the new technology potentially brings to bear) of a potential 10X (a 10 times improvement or more) technology, or a technology that has the potential to create a major change in the market place, a red box was drawn around that technology’s border.


The resulting table incorporates some 76 technologies that possess the potential to alter the character of warfare and influence how the U.S. Army operates in the eras of accelerated human progress and contested equality. These include 22 near-term (H1), 16 mid-term (H2), 22 far-term (H3), and 16 Wildcard technologies. A single reference for each technology is provided in the references section at the end of this post. These technologies illustrate potential opportunities and challenges confronting the U.S. Army in the operational environment. By framing and scaling these technologies into a consumable product, Army leaders and planners can see and prepare for the future in a new way.

H1 – The Art of Today: Sustaining Technology. Near-term advanced technologies will enhance core capabilities on the battlefield. Exoskeletons and 3D Printing will increase Soldier lethality and streamline battlefield logistics. Adversaries will have access to these advanced technologies, challenging U.S. forces in all domains. It will be a race to combat superiority.

H2 – The Art of Tomorrow: Emerging Technology. Mid-term technologies will enable the warfighter in remote, austere operational environments with capabilities such as edge computing. A broadband invisibility cloak disguising Soldiers and equipment combined with self-healing materials will bolster troop strength and capabilities. Holodecks could provide an immersive virtual training and mission rehearsal experience. Staying on the cutting edge is key to tactical and strategic dominance.

H3 – The Art of the Possible: Future Technology. Bionic, super strong Soldiers will emerge in the far-term. Advanced future technologies will allow warfighters to seamlessly interoperate with machines. Telepathy, 3D Printed Skin, and troop Batsuits could transform warfare. Thinking beyond normal boundaries will ensure battlefield supremacy.

Wildcards: Game Changers. Improbable but potentially significant technologies could derail the Army’s Modernization Strategy and priorities. Potential disruptors and enablers to U.S. Army training and future battlefield operations include DNA computing and extended reality. Battlefield singularity could hinder human decision making, causing catastrophic effects on the battlefield. Planning for the unexpected ensures advantage.


The table provides an easy-to-understand means of when a technology may be available with associated references. It also embodies the spirit of innovation in what Dr. Seuss once wrote about for searching for new things: “If you want to catch beasts you don’t see every day, you have to go to places quite out of the way.” Most of the technologies included within this table fall within the description of looking in unfamiliar, nontraditional, and out-of-the-way locations. But they are also active areas of research and progress that may be useful for future capabilities if and when they mature.

A similar table was constructed in 2018 by Imperial Tech Foresight (ITF), an offshoot of Imperial College London. While most technologies that are shown in both maintained their estimated availability dates, several showed progress towards an earlier availability date, in effect, pulling the future forward.


We are in a period of great technological change. The Table of Future Technologies presents a compact method for conveying new emerging technology availability associated with this change to Senior Leaders, PMs, and other interested parties to raise their awareness.

This table also represents an initial foray into one possible means of annually surveying and reporting future technology to increase awareness of both capability and potential availability. As this is an initial concept, and if interest warrants it, a revision can be conducted annually. With a continuation recommendation, technology found can be followed, and reporting of new technologies can be added as found. Additionally, watch items can be added and tracked.

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Retired LCDR Richard Buchter, U.S. Navy, is a Subject Matter Expert (SME) at the Army Futures Command Combat Capability Development Command Army Research Laboratory’s, Computational and Information Sciences Directorate (AFC CCDC ARL/CISD). He holds both an MBA and an MS/Management of Information Systems from The Johns Hopkins University. He is currently writing a series of articles on Innovation Theory, and how it may be used to support targeted technology hunting. As a retired Naval Aviator, he has logged over 3,000 hours conducting sea- and land-based EW and ISR missions as a Mission Commander (MC). He is a member of DEF (the Defense Entrepreneurial Forum), AOC (the Association of Old Crows), AUVSI (Association for Unmanned Vehicle Systems International), and NESA (The National Eagle Scouts Association).

Disclaimer: The views expressed in this blog post are those of the author, and do not necessarily reflect those of the Department of Defense, Department of the Army, Army Futures Command (AFC), or Training and Doctrine Command (TRADOC).


Horizon 1 (Near-Term, 0-5 years)
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Horizon 2 (Mid-Term, 5-10 Years)

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Horizon 3 (Far Term, 10+ Years)

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74. Sd – Technology in Stealth Development– New capabilities being worked on in secrecy

75. En – Entrepreneurs and Intrepreneurs– You never know what they are working on

76. Qt – We Can’t Talk About This

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  1. Was any additional rationale used to assess the impact on the Army’s future mission? From your write up, the chart is organized based solely on time (when will the tech be available) and little bit on scale (a red box for tech yielding 10x improvement). But how did you assess whether #37 Blockchain (for example) will have an impact on Army operations? (Blockchain is in use today, so there must be a reason you placed it in Horizon 2.)

    Also, it would be helpful if you’d post more links to your sources. You reviewed over 600 sources but provide links to only 71 sources.

    Thanks for a cool product!

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