148. Crowdsourcing Topic – The Operational Environment: What Will Change and What Will Drive It – Today to 2035?

The Army Mad Scientist Initiative wants your ideas about The Operational Environment – Today to 2035. What is driving changes in competition and conflict?


– Submission Deadline:  NLT 1700 EDT, 15 July 2019

Nonfiction only

– Maximum length:  1000 words / 12 point font

– Submissions must be unclassified, unpublished, and cleared by your public affairs office and operations security managers (USG & as applicable)

– Team or individual entries welcome

TOPICS OF INTEREST (not limited to):

– Technology

– Climate

– Politics

– Society

– Demographics

– Economics

– Moral/Ethical Dilemmas in Future Warfare

– Mixed Reality

– Space

– Information

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HOW TO SUBMIT:  Send your submissions and questions…

… via email at:






… or via Twitter:


@ArmyMadSci   #ChangingOE


NOTE:   No Department of Defense affiliation required for submission. This Community is open to EVERYONE.  Members shape the Army’s view of future Multi-Domain Operations & perspectives on the future Operational Environment.


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